Nippon Steel Wool Co., Ltd.
Privacy policy

Nippon Steel Wool Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said, "Our company") will declare the law concerning protection of personal information and other standards of personal information such as the company customer, the people related to dealings, and employee of who use it on the business are observed, an independent rule and the system are established, the protection of personal information policy is provided as follows, and it executes and this is maintained.
1. Our company improves and maintains it providing "Personal information management regulations" to execute this declaration, and enforce common knowledge on an employee of our company (employee, part-timer, part-time job, and dispatched worker, etc.) and a director and other people concern.
2. After the purpose of use is clarified, it limits it to minimum information necessary for the purpose before the acquisition of personal information, and our company obtains the person in question and agreement beforehand or will make the purpose of use etc. public to the website and acquire it.
3. Our company will maintain the system that responds without abode when there is demand of indication, the correction, the use stop, and the deletion, etc. from the person in question about own personal information.
4. As a rule, our company will prohibit offering the third party personal information without the person in question & agreement.
5. In case our company escrow the personal information to the business consignment ahead, our company concludes with a necessary contract and take necessary measures additionally in other law.
6. Our company confirms to the aptitude from the person in question by the donor about the personal information whether it is acquired what when personal information is indirectly acquired, and concludes a necessary contract.
7. To prevent personal information from losing, destroying, falsifying, and leaking, our company takes an appropriate, reasonable security precaution.
Nippon Steel Wool Co., Ltd.
President Shoji Minami