The steel wool is literally wool of steel. In the one that special steel was processed to fibroid that is thinner, longer than the hair, it has elasticity as soft as cotton. The section of the fiber of each one has an excellent grinding characteristic by the fiber's in the manufacturing method in a polyhedron that is crescent, triangular, rectangular, etc., there is no edge (corner) alone but not being made uniform and the surface area grows.
Moreover, because wool is manufactured cutting without using the cutting oil at all, our steel wool can be especially used at ease even in the place where it doesn't like tableware, kitchen relation, and oil. Therefore, it is possible to use it together with the detergent and the machine oil, etc.
Pound rolling for business use(450g)
Roll pad
Soap pad
Characteristic and usage of non-iron wool
Because wool is manufactured without using the cutting oil as well as the steel wool for non-iron wool such as copper, brass, and aluminum, and the section of the fiber of one per one has the edge (corner) in the polyhedron, and excellent grinding ability and a lot of surface areas.
As a major purpose, water processing materials to have aimed at sterilization and keep of the waterweed using the ionization potential of copper and zinc besides grinding and cleaning of the same metal and electromagnetic wave shielding material. Especially, use with the golf course, the hotel and the park etc. has increased in the water quality of water facilities in which eluting a small amount of copper ion and zinc ion of the level are used for wool in water and the field concerning the improvement of the spectacle.